Training course

Do you want to go further in the practice of scuba diving?

It's right there! Propriano Plongée offers CMAS training courses, supervised by qualified instructors.

Whether you want to understand better the phenomenons happening under water, learn more about the underwater world or just enjoy the pleasure of being able to dive without an instructor and be independent, the training courses are made for you!
We give our best to provide you the best course, following the CMAS standards (worldwide recognized), supervised by experienced diving instructors.

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PN1 (Diver Level 1)

You’ve already done a first dive – or not- and you want to learn all the basics of scuba diving and be able to dive to up to 20m depth, then the PN1 is for you! PN 1 or “Plongeur Niveau 1” in French (internationnaly known as “1 star diver") is the equivalent of the Open water level from PADI but enabling you to go deeper and providing you more independence.

PE40 (Accompanied Diver 40m)

If you already have your PN1 and always wanted to discover what is hidden deeper in the see, the PE40 qualification is the one you need! PE 40 or “Plongeur Encadré à 40m” in French gives you the opportunity to dive up to 40m depth in an accompanied group

PN2 (Diver Level 2)

You now know the basics but you would like to gain independence, go deeper and learn even more, then go for the PN2. The PN2 or “Plongeur Niveau 2” (internationally known as “2 star diver”) is the equivalent of the advance diver from PADI with a deep water specialty but enabling you to go even deeper. With the PN2 you will be able to be independent at 20m and dive up to 40m with an accompanied group​

PN3 (Diver Level 3)

You are wondering what is hidden even deeper and want to gain even more independence, then the PN3 is for you. The PN 3 or “Plongeur Niveau 3” (Internationally known as “3 star diver”) provides you all the knowledges to be independent up to 40m and dive accompanied up to 60m depth. Discover with the PN3 the incredible underwater world hidden in the dark.​

If your children can’t wait to turn 14 (or 12 under special conditions) in order to learn more and discover the underwater world, we also provide the special trainings for children: