Scuba diving explorations

You already have a dive level in your pocket?

Discover the incredible treasuries of the corsican underwater world without wasting your time on the road or in the traffic jam. With Propriano Plongée, make your life easier by starting your dive right from the beach in Propriano.

Whether you want to enjoy your freedom underwater or take advantage of our instructors experience and knowledge of the Valinco bay, we offer you the possibility to do your explorations independently or accompanied.

In each case, if you want to make your life easier and travel light, we take care of all with our all-inclusive* explorations.
Just show up, grab the gears from the rack and jump onto the boat! This may also be a good chance to test new gears if you’re about to change them!


If you already found the perfect gears for you and already have your own equipment that just fits perfectly, grab them and come to dive with us! Take the short way directly to the boat, dive with your favorite equipment and save money! We offer you a special price if you come with your own gears!

Independent explorations

1 Dive 3 Dives 6 Dives
All Inclusive* 45€ 120€ 230€
With your own equipment 37€ 100€ 200€

Accompanied explorations

1 Dive 3 Dives 6 Dives
All Inclusive* 50€ 145€ 270€
With your own equipment 45€ 125€ 245€

*Gears included: Mask, fins, regulator, BCD, Diving suit, weight system and last but not least: the tank!

Double Tank Option**

If you want to save even more time and discover the amazing diversity of the Valinco bay, just choose our double tank option: Get on the boat with two tanks and discover two diving spots without coming back to the diving center in between! Get in contact with us for more information.

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** Option only available upon request in low season (Not in July and august)