First Dive

Curious to see what is hidden underwater and discover the practice? It's this way!

Propriano Plongée accompanies you to help you discover the wonders of the underwater world in complete safety.

The first dives are supervised by certified instructors who take care of the divers individually and manage all the technical aspects of diving so that you can fully enjoy the underwater fauna and flora as well as the calm and weightlessness sensation. First dives are accessible to children from 8 years old and adults without age limit, depending on their health conditions and do not require a medical certificate due to the shallow depth of the activity.

Propriano Plongée takes you to discover new sensations, including boat transportation to the dive site, complete equipment and individual underwater guidance by a certified instructor. Joy and good mood are also included in the price!

Price 70€* per person
*Special offer if you are a group of 4 or more: 60€ per person